To be a Venezuelan Contact Center company recognized in its environment, with personnel motivated and capable of creating experiences of high value for our national and international clients.


We create personalized contact valuable experiences of our clients with their customers.


With our partners, clients and society in general.


It is our life style, we shape a high quality result in a very planned task.


We put our THECC stamp to everything we do.


We understand joy as the only way to work.

We are a team of collaborators committed to our client’s goals and total satisfaction in each of the processes that we carry out. Our human talent is the most important asset of our company since it gives life to it and value to the service rendered to our clients.

We have been providing solutions aligned with the objectives of the client and flexible to their requirements and environments for more than 10 years. Our trajectory gives us a support of differentiated knowledge that allows us to assure the client effective BPO solutions.

To maintain high standards of security and confidentiality with our clients' information and ours as well, is one of our most important commitments. We design and accomplish contingency plans that are guarantees of continuity in the provision of our service.

In order to guarantee quality standards and comply with the Service Agreements demanded by our customers, we have a robust and complete technological platform that guarantees high availability and redundancy.

We create value for our clients by building and maintaining the best communication between them and their customers

With THECC in your company you will have

Solutions designed to support our customers' business strategy

Competitive rate factors

Complete and comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of our customers

Diagnostics, analysis and design of critical processes to outsource

A top technology platform

High levels of confidentiality, support and legal support

We connect opportunities

THECC Value Chain

We are a company of unique character and original style; we have a value chain where each step has our THECC stamp.


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THECC is recognized as one of the best companies to work in Venezuela and Latin America

We have a work philosophy based on the satisfaction and retention of our human resource, as certified by Great Place to Work® experts (GPTW), best place to work

In this year THECC reached the 17th position, emphasizing that, the organization became one of the few companies that have managed to enter the prestigious list and be certified in its first measurement.

THECC, always in search of excellence, gets the 3rd place of the best companies to work in Venezuela.

With just 5 years in the market, THECC was ranked as one of the 100 best companies to work in Latin America in 2010.